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We've spent years developing business relationships with Colorado's finest growers. Our hay does NOT come from native or old stands growing on someone’s "back 40" for the tax break. Our hay is specifically seeded and meticulously grown as a high quality forage. We only feed PREMIUM quality hay. "Premium" means our hay is not only green and mold free but typically tests in the 12-14% protein range. Analysis posted for your convenience.

Salt & Mineral Blocks

All Iron Gait Ranch horses are spoiled to Ritchie automatic water founts. These founts provide a constant supply of fresh, warm water in the winter and cooled water in the summer.


Access to free choice Salt and Minerals is vital to keeping your horse healthy and hydrated. Blocks are included in board and available to horses at all times.

Our new, top of the line shelters are designed to be as safe and strong as possible. All shelters are oriented so they provide shade in the summer and block the prevailing winds in the winter.

Hoof Care


All Iron Gait Ranch horses are maintained on a bi-monthly worming rotation.(Included in board) Our compound rotation allows us to keep parasites in check while minimizing resistance by only using the same compound(at most) two times in a given year. (Owners may opt out of the bi-monthly program but must provide a clean bi-monthly fecal exam until stable confirms that the horse is a low shedder.)



All horses must remain current on yearly vaccinations. At minimum, we require protection against: Eastern, Western and Venezuelan encephalomyelitis, influenza, tetanus and rhinopneumonitis EHV-1 & EHV-4. (Common 6-Way)



Vet checks, vaccination, floating, sheath cleaning and other health related clinics available by request. (See staff for information)

We're happy to offer local farrier recommendations


Of course, all boarders are welcome to use their own hoof care specialist.


Blanketing services available for those times when you just can't make it out. (See staff for information)



Grain & Suppliments

Spoil your horse to an optional feeding of owner supplied grain or supplement of choice. (See staff for information)


For those in need, we're happy to assist in developing a program that's right for your horse.

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