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Clinics & Private Lessons:


Emily Menegatti: As a certified Clinton Anderson Method Ambassador Emily learned the Method from Clinton Anderson himself and earned the right to teach The Method to others.


She is a Colorado Native who grew up exploring trails, participating in 4-H and FFA. 

Professionally, Emily enjoys training horses and teaching horsemanship lessons and clinics. “In my experience, the Method is the best laid out horse training program available. It’s goal oriented and easy to understand,” she says. “It changed my life with horses, and I love sharing it and empowering other people to reach their horsemanship goals.”


Services offered at Iron Gait Ranch:

Rider instruction, Horse training, Problem solving, Specialty Clinics.



  • Private Method Lessons: $75hr 

  • Group Method Lessons: Discounted based on attendance 

  • 6 Week Horse Training Program




Peak to Peak Horsemanship -


Recommended Training Materials:


At Iron Gait Ranch we practice and recommend the philosophy of Natural Horsemanship. While this term may have many meanings, to us, it means we observe how horses naturally interact with each other and mimic this in our own relationships with them. 

Since horses can't speak, our only line of communication with them is through body language and psychology. 

Both Clinton Anderson and Chris Cox are among the top Equine Trainers in the world and are both highly recommended by Iron Gait Ranch.


These two world class trainers have instilled decades of knowledge and experience into easy to follow self help, educational video's and training materials. 

Whether working with one of our local recommended trainers or learning on your own, the single best investment you can make for you and your horse are these materials! 

Downunder Horsemanship:

Training Kits HERE

Chris Cox Horsemanship:

Training Kits HERE


Hoof Care:

Joe McClellan: is a Structural Engineer, Farrier, and accomplished horseman in both English and western disciplines.


First and foremost, Joe is an advocate for horses and he says "Doing what’s best for the horse takes priority over everything else."

"Understanding what is healthy/normal and what is distorted and unhealthy are some of the things that I focus on as a farrier. I will spend time with you discussing the mechanics of the hoof and the movement and placement of the hoof as it strikes the ground. I will review the parts of the hoof; external and internal that are required to function properly to promote a healthier, sounder, and more efficient horse."


"We'll discuss balance and why it matters."


Services offered at Iron Gait Ranch:

  • Trimming

  • Shoeing 

  • Lameness Consultation

  • Corrective Treatments



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