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In conjunction with our equine activities, Iron Gait Ranch is focused on promoting the love and understanding of locally grown, healthy foods within our community.

Farm Fresh Eggs

Try a dozen eggs from our naturally raised, 100% free range & Antibiotic free Rhode Island Red Hens and you'll never turn back! Our hens spend their time happily foraging around the ranch for whatever goodies their little hen hearts desire. The remarkable taste of our eggs can only come from the variety found in their all natural, free range diet.

Fresh Produce

We grow something new every year! From delicious sweet corn to pumpkins, peppers etc. 



Farming is tough work! Yet growing your own food is one of the most satisfying things a person can do. Whether your looking for a learning experience or simply getting some fresh air and exercise, we're happy to accept a helping hand!


If interested please Email:


(Jobs are typically seasonal and include a wide range of varying tasks suitable for men, woman and children of all ages.)

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