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Group Paddocks


At Iron Gait Ranch, we specialize in providing horses with safe, personality matched, mini heard type environments.


Horses are extremely social animals that thrive when given the opportunity to move, live and interact with other horses. Not only do they get the needed mental stimulation but also get plenty of exercise in the process. Often seen playing, running, jumping, and resting together we frequently hear stories of improved attitudes from younger horses under saddle as well as better movement and overall wellness in older horses.


Perfect for owners who can't ride every day, those looking for something more natural than a stall or horses with energy to burn, our 6 different group paddocks allow us to find the perfect fit for your special friend.


Board Includes:


For The Horse:

Feed: Premium **FREE CHOICE** grass hay.

Water: Automatic Water (Heated in the winter, cooled in the summer)

Shelter: Shared

Supplements: Free Choice access to Salt & Mineral blocks

Worming: Bi-Monthly worming (See "Care" section for more information)

Other: Visual inspections twice daily (Minimum)


For The Owner:

Amenities: Full access to all Iron Gait Ranch amenties.

Tack: All owners are assigned a saddle rack, bridle hook, tack cubby and grain storage in one of our heated tack rooms.


Price: $400 per month


Optional Services:

Online board payment


Grain & Supplemental Feeding


Veterinary clinics

Trailer Storage


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