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Private Pens


For owners who prefer, or horses that need individual care we offer large private outdoor pens that are "done right" and sure to keep even the most demanding horses happy!


What does "Done right" mean?


IGR pens are safe, meticulously managed and built on a special graded/permeable custom tailored footing. Cleaned daily, our pens allow us to offer a guarantee of no mud.. ever! (This also keep flies and smells to an absolute minimum.) Our footing is designed to offer just the right amount of cushion, moisture, and abrasion to keep your horses feet in top condition year round. (The footing is so effective barefoot horse owners often see a savings in maintenance trims.)

Board Includes:


For The Horse:

Feed: Premium Quality Hay plus mid day feeding of owner supplied grain.

Water: Automatic Water (Heated in the winter, cooled in the summer)

Shelter: Private

Supplements: Free Choice access to Salt & Mineral blocks

Worming: Bi-Monthly worming (See "Care" section for more information)

Other:  Visual inspections twice daily. (Minimum)

          Daily stall cleaning.





For The Owner:

Amenities: Full access to all Iron Gait Ranch amenties.

Tack: All owners are assigned a saddle rack, bridle hook, tack cubby and grain storage in one of our heated tack rooms.

Trailer: Assigned trailer storage



$460 per month

**Mud Free Guarantee**



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