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"My mare has been thriving here and is doing far better than I imagined she would in a pasture environment. I grew up with my horses in my own yard and was leery of boarding facilities, but Nick and Monique are attentive to the hay quality, what the horses are up to throughout the day and match the horses well with compatible pasture mates. My mare (who tends to be a loner) even decided to make a few friends. The facilities are well-maintained, safe, and every boarder I've met has been openly friendly and even helpful. I'm very happy to have found this place."


"We couldn't have found a better home for our horses! They are well taken care of and are allowed to roam the pasture like horses should. Nick does an amazing job making sure the horses are cared for and he still finds time to make improvements. We found a home for our horses but also found new friends. Thanks for all you do for our horses and us! You guys are amazing!!!"


"Awesome horse care and great people make happy horses!!!!"


"We absolutely love Irongate! We have been here for several months now and it has been wonderful. Nick and Monique are wonderful and very helpful. Being new horse owners, they along with fellow boarders have helped us through so much. We are excited for what is to come here and grateful to be a part of a growing community!!"


"Awesome horse care and great people make happy horses!!!!"


"Thank you guys for the wonderful day and your time. No words can ever express what you have done for my daughters. (my parents also). They are very happy and excited to have met you and the animals at the ranch. Just wanted to say thanks."



"In April of 2013 we were looking for a new home for our horses.  We looked all over the Arvada/Westminster area and stumbled upon Iron Gait Ranch.  Nick was very thorough in his first conversation with us and very honest about the expectations of the ranch.  His first concern was the horses and providing the best place he could for them.  Nick and Monique live on-site and have 3 of their own horses also on the property so the ranch is more than a business, it is personal.  Hay is tested and results are posted so all can be aware of the food their horses are eating.  Health clinics are offered on a regular basis, worming rotations are regulated (and they worm your horse if you want), horses are monitored all the time to ensure they are at their best, etc.  IGR goes above and beyond, like no other, to ensure the horses are healthy and happy in every way they can.  This was proven to us last December when one of our horses started to colic.  My son had just left the ranch 15 minutes early and received a call from Nick saying he should come back as the horse was showing some signs of distress.  The next 5 hours were spent trying to save our horse.  Nick and Monique helped us walk our horse, helped called vets (it seemed every vet in the area was busy and couldn't come out) and never left our side.  When we finally got a vet out, they honored our privacy but were still right by our side.  The decision was made to put our horse down and Nick made sure we had a private place to say goodbye.  I might add that the temperature was around 10-15 degrees during this whole time.  Nick and Monique treated us as family not as a boarder!  They shared our loss and gave their unending support!


Since we first arrived on the ranch, there have been improvements: new paddocks, new fences, new tack barn, full size arena, and heated water tanks just to name a few.  There are more improvements planned but even with those, I know that that family friendly environment will not be lost.  From Halloween parties to a Christmas photo (including many of the boarders), we love to call the ranch our home away from home.  I can't imagine a better home for our 4 legged family member and a fun place for us to spend our time!"

"I have had my mare here for a year. And it's been amazing! They make sure to take really good care of your horse. They feed them well and if your horse (like mine) starts fighting too much with other horses they try to mix and match to find the right group to get along. The grounds are still being developed but the materials are new and good quality which adds that extra sparkle and shine to the place. There are no snobs here and it is the best barn I've ever been at!"




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